The hotel building, since 1906, is one of the conserved building under the Crown Property Bureau. To restore an architectural heritage as such, the architects had to follow the principles and procedure set by the Fine Art Department.

the bhuthorn Fine materials were employed to preserve the original characteristics. For instance, Calcium Carbonate for the stucco was acquired from the soakage in Ayudhaya. The very mixture was prepared with an archaic method, filling molasses and other organic ingredients, to help ventilate the excess heat and moisture.

        Where possible, old structures were maintained...such as the masonary wall bearings ,the wooden floor and windows, the metal balusters and the gingerbread eaves...which are typical of old shop houses in this area. Replicas of the old were also made to imitate the beauty of the past....such as the kite tiles for the roof and the handmade floral motif tiles for the floor.   

       Decoration was also key in portraying the historical ambience of The Bhuthorn. The use of antique furniture in every room together with a touch of Thai in table cloths, cushions, curtains, and other utensils combine to create the beauty of the past .